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Dubai Airport Free Zone Services

Seventeen years ago, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) was established as part of Dubai Government’s strategic plan to move the emirate towards an investment driven economy. Today, it accommodates over 1,600 international companies in various activities and industries including aviation, pharmaceutical products, logistics, cargo & freight, jewellery, electronics and electrical materials.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Provides a Service-centric Gateway to the Middle East

Dubai Airport Free Zone’s steadfast ambition is to be a premier provider of business services for demanding international customers. Its mission is to be the region’s ultimate Free Zone destination by adding value to the UAE economy and providing integrated business solutions to attract regional and international investors through service excellence in a customer centric business environment.

In 2013, DAFZA witnessed a 42 per cent increase in revenue compared to 2012. The Free Zone saw the percentage of Asian tenants operating out of the Free Zone increase by almost one fifth (17 per cent). This figure stems from Dubai Airport Free Zone’s business seminars in the region, focused on growing bilateral relations between countries in the Far East and the UAE. DAFZA plays a vital role in facilitating commercial ties between international trade partners and the UAE by developing investment opportunities and foreign ownership policies.

Dubai Airport Free Zone has worked to create a unique opportunities for business Set Up in UAE. Located next door to Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, tenants have access to 24-hour logistics and customs procedures and an international gateway on their doorstep. All of DAFZA’s unique series and facilities have brought about unprecedented growth, and 2013 was one that saw a significant interest from international organisations looking to invest in the Middle East.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Services : International Influence

DAFZA issued 196 licenses for global organisations to operate from the Free Zone in 2013, and has consistently supported international investors.

The Free Zone companies cover a diverse spectrum of industries that meet the needs of international investors looking to access the Middle Eastern and African markets. This alignment will in turn lead to on-going business integration and boost economic relationships between the UAE and other countries worldwide. Tenants have always been an integral focus in DAFZA’s mission and vision since its foundation. The Free Zone has worked hard to ensure that the facilities, infrastructure and services available to tenants meet international standards, and provide a productive environment from which companies can grow their business.

The Free Zone works hard to support its tenants and work in alignment with their business objectives, as well as providing a variety of services on site that make business run more efficiently across the board, including immigration, medical services, and banking. DAFZA strives to provide access to as many logistical and operational requirements as possible.

Tenants can effectively Set Up their operations at DAFZA within two weeks, provided all paper work is submitted accordingly. There are fully functional office spaces that companies can move into and begin work from the minute they have the key. Telecommunications and internet services are installed, furniture and décor are in place and licenses and visas are processed.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Services focus on core business 

In addition to the location and services, DAFZA’s infrastructure has added significant value to tenants’ day-to-day business activities. With ease of access in and out of the Free Zone, and to some of Dubai’s main business hubs, the Free Zone constantly works to ensure that its clients can work safe in the knowledge that any non-core-business related activities can be taken care of by DAFZA, including maintenance, conference facilities, etc.

DAFZA is also committed to adding value to the UAE economy, by providing integrated business solutions, capitalising on the opportunities offered by this region and the ever increasing interest from both Eastern and Western markets.

Despite its continual growth and expansion, DAFZA has worked hard to ensure that its development doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. In compliance with Dubai’s vision to be a role model to the world in energy security and efficiency, DAFZA has successfully obtained an international standard for energy management (ISO 50001:2009).

DAFZA treats sustainable energy very seriously, and is very keen to adopt the best international practices. Saving energy is one of DAFZA’s strategic objectives, and it has adopted the latest technologies and equipment to help reduce energy consumption in all its facilities. Two years ago, DAFZA successfully implemented the green building technology initiative and it constantly encourages its tenants to implement standards for environment protection by assigning a reward for the best company in preserving the environment.

DAFZA’s commitment to delivering excellent services is derived from its leadership vision, dedicated team work and the competency of the people working at the Free Zone. This is recognized by the many international certificates and awards DAFZA received over the years, which continues maintaining its competitive edge and leading position.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority believes in the continuous development and growth of its services and facilities and ensures the needs of each tenant are met, holding its position as the premier business destination in the Middle East. Every three years, the Free Zone works on developing a solid strategic plan with the purpose of working towards its vision, to be the region’s ultimate Free Zone destination.

Meeting tenants needs
In working to meet its tenants’ needs through its customer-centric philosophy, DAFZA is transforming into a wireless smart city, becoming the first Free Zone in the region to integrate free WiFi connectivity and smart services in its territory. The wireless development process is done in collaboration with GOWEX, Leader Company in creating Wireless Smart Cities®.

Additionally, in 2014, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority built facilities and services to meet its tenants’ day-to-day needs. As part of a larger multi-purpose centre for its tenants, DAFZA plans on opening a new food court and expects the larger project to be completed by Q1 2015, inclusive of 20 new food outlets, 11 shops, a gym and business centre. Additionally, the Free Zone will add 1,192 new parking spaces.

Looking forward, in line with the Dubai government’s strategic direction, DAFZA will continue to contribute to the welfare and betterment of the community, observing international standards in all its practices. The Free Zone plans to do this by enhancing its profitability through new value-added products and services, seeking opportunities for diversification. DAFZA expects to maintain and expand its market share through attracting investors from primary and secondary markets.

DAFZA was recognized with seven international awards. These awards included the world’s premier business awards, the Stevie Awards, in three different categories: new services and products award, best IT department award and the best marketing department award. In addition to American Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Award, the number one Free Zone in the World by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) magazine, the Quality and Distinctive Performance Award, the Comprehensive Quality in Client Satisfaction Award, DAFZA also obtained the ISO:50001 certificate in energy management as it managed to reduce energy consumption by eight per cent; and ISO:28000 for its effective security management.

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